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Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil


Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil is a 100% pure avocado oil that is first cold pressed and refined using centrifuge extraction and processed without heat in order to preserve all the healthy properties of the oil, including antioxidants, minerals, vitamin E and a high concentration of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. This refined avocado oil is high-heat stable, making it great for baking, broiling, cooking, sautéing and stir-frying at high temperatures.

Not only for use in just the kitchen, Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil can even be used for moisturizing hair and skin.

  • High-Heat Cooking Oil
  • Rich in Monounsaturated Fats
  • First Cold Pressed
  • Paleo, Keto & Vegan

Ingredients: 100% non-gmo Avocado oil

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Love this!!

This oil is amazing! Use it for grilling meat on the stove and it doesn't smoke at all! Highly recommend!

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