Bulletproof XCT Oil Medium Chain Triglycerides, 476ml

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473 ml / 16 oz

Bulletproof XCT oil is extracted from 100% coconut oil, capturing some of the most beneficial parts of the coconut, namely the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) caprylic (C8) and capric acids (C10), which metabolize more efficiently into energy than more common MCT oils. XCT oil is up to six times more concentrated in C8 and C10 than coconut oil to produce high energy.

Bulletproof XCT Oil Interesting notes:

  • Reliable and quick source of energy from fat not sugar
  • Supports cognitive performance
  • Can be used to Bulletproof your day in Bulletproof Coffee, tea, smoothies, salads, cooking, and more
  • 6x stronger than straight coconut oil
  • MCTs increase performance by giving your body quick, sustained energy, and are not stored as fat
  • Adding Bulletproof XCT Oil into your diet will re-awaken your energy, assist in weight management, and optimize performance. Be Bulletproof, and power your mind and body with quality fats.


Begin using 1 teaspoon per day and slowly increase over several days. Too much Brain Octane Oil, especially if consumed on an empty stomach, may result in a stomachache. 1-3 tablespoons per day is recommended for Bulletproof practitioners. 

Bulletproof XCT Oil can be easily added to any food or drink for a satisfying quality fat, and enhances other flavors without altering taste. XCT Oil also supports efficient absorption of fat-soluble nutrients. XCT oil is suitable to cook with at temperatures up to 320° F.

Storage: XCT Oil is easy to store, does not require refrigeration, and is liquid at room temperature.

The packaging: Bulletproof XCT Oil and Brain Octane Oil are packaged in a non-BPA, recyclable HDPE bottle to reduce the environmental impacts of padding, packaging and shipping glass bottles.