Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Superfood Blend


60g | 2.12oz

When you can’t pick just one, call on all. The perfect blend of adaptogens is here to help you keep calm and carry on. Mix into coffee, tea, or smoothies for your daily dose of superhero.



Imagine never having to pull jar after jar of superfood powders from your kitchen cupboard again. Now, all you need is just one sustainable can of our high-powered Adaptogen Blend that features 10 adaptogenic superfoods. Adaptogens are non-specific superfoods which help your body to find balance and adapt to occasional stress. Each scoop has 1500 mg of 2 mushrooms (Reishi extract and Chaga extract), 2 roots (Ashwagandha and Eleuthero), 2 leaves (Moringa and Tulsi AKA Holy Basil), 2 berries (Schisandra and Amla), and 2 superfoods (Cinnamon and Yacon).

  • Elevate your morning, noon, or night
  • Each recyclable can has 30 servings and a scoop inside
  • Unsweetened, no gums, and no fillers
  • Vegan, paleo, caffeine-free
  • Each tin has 30 servings


Add 1 scoop into coffee, tea, green juice, or smoothie. Try in recipes like soups, stews, or overnight oats.

Take at any time of day. Adaptogens are non-specific, meaning they can be enjoyed at any time in any amount to support energy, endurance, and even winding-down at the end of the day.

Organic reishi extract (200mg), organic chaga extract (200mg), organic tulsi extract (leaf, 200mg), organic ashwagandha extract (root, 175mg), organic eleuthero extract (root, 175mg), organic alma extract (175mg), organic schisandra extract (175mg), organic yacon juice powder, organic moringa powder, organic cinnamon powder


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Benefits outweigh the taste

This product tastes disgusting! However I have noticed a positive change in only a few weeks. I feel more capable coping with stress and have way more energy. I have been putting it in a smoothie with cacao, banana and dates and then I can get it down!!

Love this product!

I was on the hunt for a supplement that had these adaptogens in it and came across this product! It is perfect and just what I was looking for! Love it in my coffee or matcha tea. Taste isn’t too strong and blends in great! Will be purchasing again for sure!