Beekeeper's Naturals Raw Raspberry Blossom Honey

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500g | 17.6oz

- 100% raw, sustainably sourced, enzymatic raspberry blossom honey -

Raspberry honey is a luscious, delicate raw honey with a surprising and amazing fruity finish - a hint of raspberry and beautiful floral undertones. This 100% raw honey is the product of bees that pollinate raspberry bushes right before harvest, leaving you to enjoy a medium sweetness and a fresh, floral taste.

Try it in your favorite healthy marinade, salad dressings, morning smoothie or a refreshing afternoon cocktail in the sun. After dinner, drizzle it on your favorite mild cheeses.

Beekeeper's Naturals Raspberry Blossom Honey Interesting Facts:

  • Raw honey is a nutritive food full of vitamins and minerals.
  • 100% Raw, Unpasteurized and Wildcrafted.
  • Daily consumption of honey has been shown to improve blood anti-oxidant levels and help prevent lipid peroxidation, or damage to lipids — such as cholesterol — by free radicals
  • Certified Paleo, Gluten Free, and Caffeine Free.


Eat it raw, add it to your morning drink / smoothie, drizzle on cheese or use it in place of refined sugar in any of your favorite recipes.


Sustainably-sourced and harvested by hand from remote apiaries full of healthy bees pollinating diverse plants and flowers. 

Ingredients: 100% raw, sustainably sourced, enzymatic honey.

Beekeeper's Naturals is a Certified B Corporation!