Sun Potion Rhodiola


70 G / 2.5 oz

Sun Potion Rhodiola Brain Tonic is considered a super brain tonic – it improves your ability to absorb oxygen, helping your brain to function at its peak performance. It's also known to help calm your body and mind by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone, while at the same time enhancing your energy levels, making it a great addition to your morning routine.

Sun Potion Rhodiola Brain Tonic Interesting Facts:

  • May facilitate mental clarity; helps to balance the mind
  • May promote creativity and stamina
  • May help enhance immune strength
  • May support weight balance, longevity, and focus


Mix 2 grams (1/2 tsp) in water, tea, coffee, juice, smoothie or other liquid of choice. 


Wildcrafted Rhodiola from Tibet.

* This product is mildly stimulating in nature. It is recommended that individuals with sensitivities to such foods consult their healthcare provider before use.

Contains 45 servings.

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