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Anima Mundi Green Coffee Bean: Energy + Metabolism

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114g | 4oz

Energizer | Metabolism Booster | Fat Burner 

Anima Mundi Green Coffee Bean is a great addition to enhance a healthy lifestyle, especially as it increases energy, nourishes the nervous system, burns fat and boosts metabolism.

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, a miraculous "anti-aging" chemical that has been known for aiding in fat digestion. Once coffee is roasted, this chemical is mostly lost. Chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to have many health benefits for heart disease, diabetes and supports weight loss. This remarkable bean also stimulates metabolism, thereby naturally boosting energy. 

By supporting metabolism and energy levels, its also a remarkable nervous system tonic. Green Coffee is reputed to tone the nervous system and nerve passages by supporting proper flow of energy between neurons, helping to restore balance.

Directions: Add 1-2 tsp in your favourite drink, such as juice, smoothie or tea. To make it into tea, add 1 Tbsp of powder to boiling water and allow to steep for 15- 20 minutes, then strain. 

Ingredients: Green Coffee Bean* extract powder ( 10:1 extra strong )

*Organically grown in Costa Rica

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Game changer

My tea is tastier and more enjoyable than ever. This is a must have for my mornings.

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