Beekeeper's Naturals Buckwheat Honey

500 g / 17.6 oz

- 100% raw, sustainably sourced, enzymatic buckwheat honey -

This is 100% pure Buckwheat Honey - never blended, mixed with any other ingredients or watered down with other varietals. Buckwheat honey has a robust flavor profile with a strong, full-bodied taste and darker, molasses-like hue. Compared to other honeys, Beekeeper’s Naturals Buckwheat Honey has a unique nutritional profile with one of the highest quantities of antioxidants.  

Beekeeper's Naturals rich honey comes from healthy bees in remote apiaries and is never heated or treated to bring you the purest honey in its natural form and the richest, freshest flavours Mother Nature has to offer. Add to your tea, coffee, baking or smoothie for a natural and delicious paleo health boost.

Beekeeper's Naturals Buckwheat Honey Interesting Facts:

  • Raw honey is a nutritive food full of vitamins and minerals.
  • 100% Raw, Unpasteurized and Wildcrafted.
  • Has higher concentrations of macronutrients, trace elements and anti-oxidant compounds than other honey varietals. 
  • Daily consumption of honey has been shown to improve blood anti-oxidant levels and help prevent lipid peroxidation, or damage to lipids — such as cholesterol — by free radicals
  • Certified Paleo, Gluten Free, and Caffeine Free.


Eat it raw, add it to your morning drink / smoothie or use it in place of refined sugar in any of your favorite recipes.


Sustainably-sourced and harvested by hand from remote apiaries full of healthy bees pollinating diverse plants and flowers. 

Ingredients: 100% raw, sustainably sourced, enzymatic buckwheat honey.

Beekeeper's Naturals is a Certified B Corporation!

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