Genestra Kids English Ivy Cough and Cold

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Kids English Ivy is a great-tasting combination of herbs traditionally used to help relieve symptoms associated with coughs and colds. It provides English ivy, which helps to relieve coughs, promote expectoration, and improve respiratory function in children with chronic bronchitis.

Another ingredient in this blend is Althea officinalis (aka Marshmallow root).  Marshmallow root coats the lining of the respiratory tract to relieve the irritations associated with dry cough.

Kids English Ivy also includes European elder, which is used to help promote sweating (diaphoretic) to help relieve fever, while helping to relieve symptoms of colds and flus (such as coughs, sore throat , etc).

Available in a delicious natural raspberry flavour, Kids English Ivy provides soothing relief of cough and cold symptoms in children 3 years and older.

Herbal combination to help reduce cough and cold symptoms in kids
• Includes a soothing blend of English ivy, marshmallow and European elder extracts
• English Ivy is used as an expectorant to help relieve coughs
• Marshmallow is used in Herbal Medicine to relieve throat irritation and associated dry cough in adolescents and children ages 6 years and older
• European elder is used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve cold and flu symptoms and relieve fever (promotes sweating) in children 3 to 12 years
• Delicious natural raspberry flavour


Each Teaspoon (5 ml) contains:

Marshmallow (Althea Officinalis) Root Extract 4:1 (DHE 500 mg)  125 mg
English Ivy (Hedera helix) Leaf Extract 4-7:1 (DHE 160-280 mg) 40 mg
European Elder (Sambucus Nigra) Fruit Extract 16:1 (DHE 400 mg) 25 mg

Other Ingredients: Purified water, Glycerin, xylitol, natural flavour, citric acid, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate.

Recommended Dose:

Adults and children (6 years and older): Take one teaspoon three times daily or as recommended by your health care practitioner.  Consult your health care practitioner for use beyond 4 weeks.

Children 3-5 years:  Take 1/2 teaspoon three times per day or as recommended by your health care practitioner.  Consult your health care practitioner for use beyond 14 days.


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