Hu Salty Dark Chocolate Bar

60g | 2.1oz

It’s summer time! That means the weather is hot outside, and unfortunately chocolate is really sensitive to these warmer temperatures. We ship chocolate with a free cold pack, however if your chocolate arrives misshapen due to heat in transit, we cannot offer refunds on the product. However if you stick it in the fridge, it will still taste delicious!

Hu’s Salty Dark Chocolate Bar is a savoury twist on their Simple chocolate bar for when you’re craving something both salty and sweet. It’s 70% dark chocolate that’s hand-sprinkled with fleur de sel (premium French sea salt), with visible salt crystals that hit your taste buds first and then is followed by a deep, dark chocolate flavour. It’s an intense, delicious combination, and their sea salt contains no anti-caking agents, no additives, and no conditioners.

Hu Kitchen’s Chocolate Bars are free of gluten, refined sugar, cane sugar, emulsifiers, sugar alcohols, GMOs, soy lecithin, and dairy, which means they can be enjoyed by everyone.


Ingredients: organic fair-trade cacao, unrefined organic coconut sugar, organic fair-trade cocoa butter, sea salt


Allergy Statement: Contains coconut. May contain traces of almond, cashew, hazelnut.  Produced on shared equipment with peanut, milk, wheat and soy.


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Amazing chocolate!

SO good!!

most amazing chocolate ever!!

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