Sun Potion Pine Pollen

33g | 1.16oz

This wild-crafted Pine Pollen is a nutritive adaptogen containing over 200 bioactive nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It has over 20 amino acids including 8 essential ones and has been used traditionally throughout Asia to improve endurance, circulation, longevity, immune health and metabolism. This powerful superfood is known as a potent aphrodisiac, as it balances hormones and boosts your libido.

Sun Potion Pine Pollen Interesting Facts:

  • Potent aphrodisiac, may boost libido
  • Supports hormonal balance in both women and men
  • May improve endurance
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Liver detoxification and support


Mix ½ tsp. (1 gram) in your choice of liquid such as tea, smoothies, or water.

Ingredients: High-altitude, single origin, cracked cell wall Mason Pine Pollen

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