Sun Potion Organic Reishi Powder

100 G / 3.5 oz

- The Queen Healer -

Reishi Mushroom is one of the most potent adaptogens available to modern society and is known as both the "Queen of the Mushrooms" and "The Mushroom of Spiritual Potency" (Ling Zhi in Traditional Chinese Medicine) - it is an essential ingredient in a healthy life. The use of Reishi has long been attributed to calmness, centeredness, balance, inner awareness and inner strength. Throughout the ages, the Chinese have used it to improve meditative practices and the protect the body, mind and spirit so that the adept could attain both a long and healthy life. Reishi continues to be one of the most studied natural substance on earth and science continues to show up remarkable functions its active ingredients produce.

Reishi is a very potent immune system and longevity tonic. As an adaptogen, it helps the body resist stress and overcome health challenges quicker. It has been found to have numerous health benefits and traditionally has been used to nourish the heart and pacify the spirit. 

Sun Potion Reishi Interesting Facts:

  • May support immune function
  • May increase mental clarity
  • May help the body resist stress
  • May lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • May improve circulation


Add 1/2 teaspoon to warm water or tea. It is also excellent in broth, miso soup, smoothies, raw chocolates, coffee, elixers or other blends of herbs such as Cordyceps. Enjoy any time of day, but especially as a night cap as an investment into a better tomorrow!

Ingredients: The powder is a blend of 100% organic full spectrum blend of Black, Red, Purple and White Reishi Mushrooms, with all the naturally occurring anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immune modulating, and blood pressure regulating properties that Reishi has been known for throughout the centuries.


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